Why Free Appointment Scheduling Tools Are Not Good For Your Business

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As a business owner who based appointments as the first point for customers, managing your schedule effectively can be overwhelming and tricky. This is why an appointment scheduling tool is very important, however, you don’t want to use free appointment scheduling tools, especially when dealing with various communication channels such as email, phone, or face to face.

Appointment scheduling tools offer many benefits, including making your company reservations more efficient. Appointment scheduling tools can assist you in achieving it and much more. Customers can choose the day and time of their appointment using various applications for PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. They actually have a lot of other tools that will help you improve your customer communication, marketing, sales, and company administration.

Appointment scheduling software is great for automating operations for freelancers, and remote workers, as well as in beauty and cosmetic clinics, barbershops, spas, wellness centers, gyms, restaurants, pubs, physicians offices, and any other place where customers must make a reservation before visiting.

What is an appointment scheduling tool?

Appointment scheduling tools allow businesses and professionals to manage appointments and bookings with appointment scheduling tools or software. 

List of appointment scheduling software


If you’re having trouble informing clients about your availability, give this tool a try. The freemium service provides customers with a custom URL that allows them to check available slots in their Google and iCloud Calendars and schedule meetings with you. You can also personalize your booking page by adding multiple designs, colors, and your company logo.  


Acuity was established in 2006 and is a seasoned appointment scheduling software. Because it’s such a complete platform, you can sense the tool’s professionalism and experience. For appointment scheduling, this tool is popular among freelancers and small businesses. Cancellations, quotations, and recurring appointments are among the services available. If you run a global business, you’ll be relieved to learn that Acuity is available in markets outside the United States. This is an excellent method of doing international commerce.


30mins.com is an excellent place to start when it comes to appointment scheduling software because it saves both you and your customer time. 30mins.com, like all of the top appointment scheduling tools, allows you to skip the customary back and forth between you and your prospects, and it’s easy to find. Customers and prospects can plan meetings, classes, seminars, consultancy, and much more with them. You are paid on schedule, and you may set your own fee for meetings and take payments using a secure payment system. The program also sends out automatic reminders and follow-up emails, as well as a thank you note. With 30mins.com, scheduling free or paid business meetings anywhere is simple. Schedule time with us now.


SimplyBook.me features an unlimited number of appointments, email notifications, and web connectivity. One of the most useful aspects is its interaction with the Google feature, which allows consumers to book appointments immediately from search results on Google. Bookings can also be made via Facebook and Instagram.


This tool makes it simple to schedule meetings and manages your availability. You can create an invitation with a personalized link and indicate whether your meeting will last 15, 30, or 60 minutes. It has automated event alerts, the ability to define a time lag between appointments, and the ability to set an alert to prevent someone from placing a reservation too soon.

Benefits of appointment scheduling tools

Increase customer loyalty

On the other hand, you have a customer relations section where you can send mailing campaigns, request people to join the points club, or simply send reminders. This helps you to keep in touch with your customers and cultivate loyalty.

No-shows and cancellations are less common.

No-shows and cancellations are reduced using online booking software. What is the reason for this? Customers can quickly reschedule or cancel appointments if necessary. A scheduling system will also send out automated appointment reminders. By sending an automated reminder, you and your customer will have a clear line of contact, which is important for reducing cancellations and missed appointments.

 Accepts Online Payments 

Every service business can benefit from having an online payment capability. Many customers presently regard this method of monetizing services to be essential to their convenience. Your online payment tool will be extremely secure and simple to use if the software you choose is paid and well-made.

You can also use it to attract new customers by offering promotions and discounts that customers can utilize at checkout.

Improved perception

The growing use of online tools gives a significant potential for firms to gain a better understanding of themselves. Online appointment scheduling software can be used to swiftly generate reports regarding your company’s operations. These tools, in particular, can quickly show you what your busiest hours are and whether you need to start giving more appointment availability to stay up with demand.

 Appointments with Multiple Channels

Customers can communicate with your business across a wide range of devices with online appointment schedulers. You’re missing out on revenue opportunities if you don’t give the opportunity to book appointments across all of these channels.

The most significant channel today is to integrate your appointment system with cell phones.

Disadvantages of Free appointment scheduling tools for your business.

While free online appointment booking tools may appear enticing at first, they may actually be counterproductive. Make sure you are aware of all the disadvantages before choosing a free appointment scheduling service. We’ll go through some of the disadvantages of using free appointment scheduling software.

A good tool does not come cheap.

You should expect to pay for online appointment scheduling software that integrates neatly with your website, offers a set of useful features, and is safe. Because supplying you with these benefits is a difficult task that ought to be compensated. Free software produces money as well, but only through advertisements on their booking tools, which will appear bad on your site. Free versions are also more vulnerable to hacking and data theft. Consider how much a breach of your client’s personal information could cost you. The risk of having to cope with that should outweigh any apprehension about paying for software.

Bookings are limited.

Free online scheduling solutions frequently include a monthly limit on the number of bookings your customers may make. This defeats the whole point of having an online booking system in the first place. You will no longer be able to provide online scheduling services to your customers after a specific amount of bookings. Nobody intends to run a small business in this manner. Choose a software that fits your budget for an efficient online scheduling process. Also, one that has all of the necessary attributes. A well-thought-out booking system will keep you from running out of booking quota and becoming unable to manage your clients.

Booking Data Cannot Be Tracked.

The ability to track your booking traffic in detail is one of the most crucial online scheduling capabilities. You will receive a monthly report with all of the information gathered. However, you will not receive this vital information if you use a free appointment scheduling tool. This means, for example, that you won’t be able to view your least popular time slots or most loyal consumers. As a result, you will make no improvements to the situation.

No discounts or vouchers are available.

Almost all free online appointment scheduling tools prevent you from including any special offers on your online booking page. This is also related to the fact that you don’t have a data report, so creating vouchers would appear worthless because you’d be shooting in the dark. Promotions on special days can help you improve sales and traffic and attract new consumers.

Final thought

Free online appointment scheduling software lacks essential functionality. They can also be time-consuming. It can provide numerous benefits to your business and assist you in growing it steadily and quickly, but you must be OK with the drawbacks. Consider the situation carefully and make an informed conclusion.