Freelancers are living their preferred lifestyle

Lifestyle is the way an individual is living at a given time. The lifestyles of most people in the world today are dictated by their jobs. The decisions they make on where to live, what to wear, and what to eat all have a connection to the jobs they do. Most people in the world today, fall into this category. However, not all people are cut out for eight-hour desk jobs bound by rules and legalities on what they can and cannot do. I like to think of them as birds that are not meant to be caged. Turns out most of them are freelancers. But who is a freelancer? How are they any different from those who have embraced the traditional forms of employment?

A freelancer is anyone working independently and earning money on short-term tasks and projects for select clients. They take pride in making all the important decisions and working freely within the bounds of their passion and other things that are important to them. Often freelancers are in touch with their lifestyles compared to those working in a formal workspace. So, why are freelancers capable of living their preferred lifestyle?


Choosing freelance over formal employment is a very personal decision. It is the first significant step that allows freelancers to live their preferred lifestyle. A freelancer is self-employed and has the power to make major and minor decisions concerning their work and lifestyle. They decide right from the onset when and where they want to work. Additionally, they populate their day with what is important, relevant, or necessary to their survival. In most cases, what they love best carries the day. Imagine getting paid to do what you love!

Flexible Work Schedule

In a freelancer’s world, there are no clocks nor tight deadlines to be met. The daily schedules are flexible and very manageable. A freelancer is at liberty to move around the tasks available on his platter to fit his or her needs and interests. He or she will perform a task to its logical conclusion. There is no defined time to work or go home because most of them work from home anyway. A workday may start at 6 am or start at the end of summer to the beginning of the next summer! Each day a freelancer gets to decide on daily targets. Additionally, there is often extra time to walk a dog, go to the grocery store do laundry, or fit a new activity into their flexible schedule.

Flexible Locations

For most persons working for different organizations what comprises a formal office is pre-determined by the organization. What is expected of these employees within and outside the office is also very clear. This is not the same for freelancers. Freelancers get to decide where they want to work and what makes up their workspace.  Moreover, he or she has the option of working from a room at home or a custom-designed non-traditional workspace. The kind of work a freelancer does will determine his office or work location. A freelance journalist for instance will have to do most of his or her work out where respondents are and only retreat indoors to compile the findings.

Growth and Development

Freelancers are not only laborers but also creators. The creative side of any freelancer must be subjected to the right environment for it to thrive. The lifestyle of freelancers allows them to grow and nurture their creativity by trying new things. Taking on these new things not only broadens the scope of a freelancer’s skill set but also allows for the discovery of new things!


A freelancer has a say on who they work with. He or she is in a position to decide the clients he or she wants to work with. Remember this is mostly based on what a freelancer is passionate about. This is a big step in matters of living one’s preferred lifestyle. It however a luxury that those working for organizations cannot afford. It is very common to find a gaming pad or a musical instrument on a work desk of a freelancer or even a freelancer dressed casually taking on a serious project. Emphasis is on the comfort of the freelancer in the best way that drives up creativity.

Limited Distractions

Working as a freelancer significantly reduces distractions from co-workers, machines, and any office guests. A freelancer working from home can maximize the available time for faster task completion as opposed to one who has to commute to work.  Even better a freelancer will freely choose to live anywhere without pegging his or her decision on the need to live closer to work. They work from home and meet clients virtually. The time saved up allows the freelancer time to incorporate other social activities into his daily routine. This effectively creates a balance.

Breaking the Monotony

Like I said earlier freelancers take on short projects which are easily finished within a short duration. A freelancer’s work schedule is likely to be punctuated with activities that seem irrelevant but are very useful. These activities help take the mind off work for a while. It is also the best way to scale up the concentration span of an individual working in a home or non-traditional work environment. All this is possible on the foundations of being a freelancer.


The benefits of freelancing include the freedom to work from home or a non-traditional workspace and a better work-life balance. I am therefore persuaded to agree with the assertions freelancers are living their preferred lifestyles because to them, nothing is cast in stone.

Freelancers have their share of challenges that can be directly attributed to the choices they make. However, they have the upper hand in deciding on the challenges they deal with. The decisions surrounding their lifestyles are theirs to make. This is done will full consciousness of what is at stake. Freelancers are living their preferred lifestyles because they are their own bosses.

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