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The dream of every worker is Independence, working at your pace, determining your time, choosing the kind and type of work you want to do, setting your hours , and many more. these are the desires of over 90% of workers, hence the rapid growth of freelancing in recent times . Freelancing is typically self employment of which you are not contract bound to just one company. As a Freelancer, you can offer services on contract or one-time basis with an individual or company. You are not legally bonded to work for that company alone.

 In this article, we will be highlighting the benefits of freelancing and how you can begin your freelance journey on

 Benefits of freelancing

 we have casually stated some of the benefits of freelancing above, however to get a better grasp of what freelancing can offer, below are some of the many benefits of freelancing…

1) Freedom: one of the most important benefits of being a freelancer is the freedom that comes with it. you have so much freedom doing your job than when you are working for someone. As a Freelancer, you are practically running your own business. you can determine which job you want to do or which client you want to take on.

2) Higher pay: as a Freelancer, you can set your rate  lower or higher , depending on what you want. you can choose to reject a job that doesn’t pay you as much as you would want to earn. you can set a much higher hourly rate, even if this exceeds the average wage, it is your decision to make.

3) Flexible hours: being able to set your own time and hours can be very exciting, especially for people who have other commitments or children for example. You can decide to only work when they are at school or when they are having a nap etc. you can choose to take certain days off work to attend to other pending things without having to take permission from anyone.

4) Not location bound: As a Freelance worker, you work remotely, so you are not necessarily needed in a specific location. you can work for a client in Germany and be  resident in Brazil or Australia. you are basically free to be in any place at any time you want while carrying out your work.

5) Multiple income source: Being a  Freelancer, you can work for as many clients as you want, there are no limits to how much you can earn. you can take on as many clients as you like.


How can help you begin

As a Freelancer, getting client in the beginning can be quite challenging due to just starting out without the right platform where clients can see your profile and what you have to offer. The first  most important thing a freelancer must have is the right platform to showcase their work and services, picking the right platform can be quite confusing, however that is why we have written this article. encompasses all a freelancer will need to succeed. Freelance platforms can be difficult to get into as a lot of requirements hinders  new starters due to not meeting up with the requirements. But with, everyone has equal opportunities, whether as a new Freelancer or one with many years of experience.

 3 distinct things that differentiate from other platforms

1) Flexibility: many other freelance platforms can be quite rigid especially for those who sell services on the platform, from too many rules that is difficult to meet to limited categories a freelancer can offer services. allows you to offer any service of your choice so long it is not illegal. you can practically offer any service on from Coaching, graphic designing, singing, legal advices and so much more. there are no limitations whatsoever.

2) payment method: on, you can choose how to get paid, the platform does not enforce a specific payment process on its Freelancers. These are many of the challenges freelancers face on other platforms, however, with, you can choose to receive payments from client in 3 easy methods. Escrow: clients pay in advance for the work you are to do, 30mins serves as an escrow, when you have submitted the job to the client, money is then released to you.

Direct payment: you do not have to use the services of 30mins to receive your payment, allows you to receive your payment deposited into your personal bank account by the client and you are charged $0 for this by

Affordable: unlike other platforms, when 30mins serves as an escrow between you and your clients, you are charge just 8%. This is so low compared to other platforms that charge as high as 20% or more in some cases.

4) Search optimization: 30mins optimizes the profile of all its freelancers so much that they pop up in search results on its platform for clients to see and most especially on Google Search, making it easy for people to find you.

 Conclusion: as a Freelancer, the possibilities to succeed are endless, but lacking the right third form can bring about limitations for freelancers. but with a platform like, your earning possibilities are endless. register on today to begin your journey to become a super successful Freelancer.

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