What Are The Best Scheduling Software For Freelancers

est Scheduling Software

Software or apps are a vital part of businesses in our present day and time. We make use of applications or related software daily irrespective of the lives we lead as this has proven to be a very effective way of getting things done. These are the best scheduling software that offers freelancers a vital support system that makes it easier for them to manage their activities.

Contrary to popular opinion, freelancing can also be stressful without proper management. The reality of a professional freelancer is one of the long hours working trying to meet deadlines and making conscious efforts to be very productive to deliver top-notch services to clients. It is thus necessary that professional freelancers make good use of all the necessary tools within their reach that can aid in increasing their level of productivity

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What is Scheduling Software?

This software aids organizations or professionals schedule clients or employees, book events, and other resources. The benefits of scheduling software are numerous, from enhancing meaningful collaboration and reducing incidents of chaos or conflict, reducing no-shows, to boosting productivity. The typical features of this software are; group scheduling, calendar management, real-time scheduling, and online booking.

However, applications like 30mins.com have a unique payment feature. As a freelancer, keeping track of appointments can be difficult, especially in situations where you have a lot of tasks being assigned to you. At the same time, you still want prospective clients to have an idea of the services you offer to easily book an appointment with you. This post will provide you with details of scheduling apps used by freelancers worldwide.

Freelancers handle the responsibility of creating their content and managing their time and activities. With that being said, finding out a time when both you and the client are available has been challenging. An appointment scheduler eases this challenge. It is automatic and thus time effective.  

Without proper scheduling, professional freelancers will slip into chaos. Typical software just doesn’t cut it anymore as they can’t manage messaging; however, a smart system has that capability. Scheduling software helps businesses increase customer engagement, manage projects, make good use of the available resource, and streamline business operations.

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The scheduling software highlighted below has been ranked and reviewed by experts. Let’s begin;


This is a scheduling app used by freelancers with very busy schedules. This app goes through the data you have provided in your calendar and then creates a personalized booking link you can forward to your clients, allowing them to pick a time that you aren’t occupied. The features of this app include;

  • A free detailed plan that’s of great benefit for freelancers. This comprises the means to create a personalized link to share with your clients, sync the app with one other calendar app, and generate notifications about the scheduled meeting.
  • It mails notifications to you, the freelancer, and your client to make confirmations about the details of the meeting. It also comprises a link to any virtual meeting tool of your choosing.
  • It has an email support.
  • This software can be used with any device, meaning you can get to use this software anywhere.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It runs a cross-check on the calendar to avoid cases of double bookings

However, it is worth noting that the email support feature is only available for users who subscribe to the premium version. In some situations, data gets misread, and false appointments get to be scheduled.


Hubspot Free Meeting Scheduler is a totally free app. When a user schedules an appointment with this platform, their contact information will be made to pop up on your calendar and forwarded to the HubSpot CRM database. As soon as you get registered on this software, you immediately access Hubspot Free CRM, sales and marketing, and customer service tools such as live chat, email marketing automation, and forms. It also has an educational resource online, which is totally free. Below are its features:

  • It also has a personalized booking link that you can share with your clients.
  • One distinctive feature of this app is its ability to embed an interactive calendar into your website that clearly shows your availability, thus giving clients the opportunity to instantly get to book meetings.
  • It can also be easily integrated with Office 365 Calendar, Google and HubSpot CRM.
  • Hubspot has custom form questions that provide you with very valuable context about your contact before finally meeting him or her.
  • It is available as part of HubSpot’s free All-In-One WordPress plugin.

Google Calendar

This is also a very popular choice among freelancers. Google Calendar is available for IOS and Android and for PC. It also has amazing features such as

  • The ability to get accustomed to your routine, offer suggestions and manage your calendar activity.
  • You can also share your calendar with other people so they can easily schedule a meeting time that falls within a time you are less occupied.
  • With Google Calendar, you can easily set up a virtual meeting with Google Meet.
  • It is important to note that you can’t immediately book meetings without first forwarding them a personalized invite with this app.

Users have reported difficulty in integrating different email addresses into the software.


This app offers diverse features that freelancers appreciate, such as

  • Diverse language options to choose from
  • Machine learning feature that offers users the advantage of recognizing trends and patterns in your calendar and suggesting blocking out the times you are occupied with work or personal activities.
  • It is integrated with Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange, iCloud, and Facebook Events.

30 Mins

Big time freelancers across the globe get to hire individuals to manage their appointments. Since this can’t be done by everyone, 30mins.com enables its users to schedule meetings, seminars, classes, tuition, consulting, and much more. This scheduling app has so many interesting features that professional freelancers will love and appreciate. It gives freelancers the opportunity to schedule appointments with ease. Examples of these features are outlined below;

  • Automation of reminders and follow-up

This is a very unique feature offered by this app. Users are afforded the opportunity of automatically being reminded of upcoming events or appointments. It also helps with sending you follow-up messages to clients. This affords you the opportunity to focus on other things that need your attention.

  • The Booking Recurring Meeting Feature

This software has a special feature that affords users the chance to schedule single or recurring meetings. Meetings that occur daily, weekly, or monthly are instantly booked with this feature.

  • “The Paid or Free” Meetings Feature

Instead of back and forth communication about pricing, this app makes it possible for you to have the prices of your services or meetings well stated. For instance, your introductory meetings can be without charge, and your work calls are charged at an hourly rate.

  • The Feature that Allows you to Controls your Availability

With this feature, you can open your schedule to the time that works for you the most. Instead of sending so many emails in order to schedule a meeting, with the aid of this software, your clients will get to see when you are available and book an appointment for that time.

  • Work Your Way

Just in case you wish to support a charity or foundation with a donation you can make the decision of the amount you intend to donate to the charity or foundation of your choosing.

  • Finance Management Option

This software aids in managing your finances to a little extent as you are given the option of having your funds transferred to your account after completing each successful meeting or completion task. You can also decide if you want a check at the end of the month or whenever you deem appropriate.

Once you are registered on this platform, prospective clients can search for your services and then book you an appointment. It doesn’t charge the client a Service Fee for Booking Meetings. This and creating service are all completely free, except in cases where you are making use of the Escrow Service. When you are making use of the Escrow Service, an 8% Fixed Service Fee is charged. For more information or inquiries, contact us at hello@30mins.com

These are the most searched scheduling software available online today. In order to get select a scheduling app, you need to first analyze the requirement of your business, your number of employees, and your budget. With respect to scheduling meetings and other important activities, you can’t manage everything on your own. A scheduling platform is an indispensable asset in our present day society.