How to Time Block Effectively: 10 Best Apps for Freelancers

How Time Block Effectively

Every freelancer wishes to be on top of things and have optimum productivity, which might be tricky due to the flexible lifestyle you can afford as a freelancer; today, you’ll learn how to time block effectively and never worry about all you have to do again.

The struggle to be more productive has many reasons. More approaches and strategies are born every day to help you use time and accomplish your daily objectives more effectively, which is how Time Blocking was created, an ideal strategy to be more productive in an age of distractions.

Say goodbye to the excuses that the day isn’t long enough or that your to-do list is endless since we’re here to help you be more productive using time Blocking.

What exactly is effective time blocking?

It is a productivity and time management approach that entails organizing and separating all stages of the day and tasks that need to be completed into blocks of time, reserving those areas to concentrate fully and exclusively on completing the assigned tasks on time.

This way, you can concentrate solely on what is important. It’s no surprise that successful individuals like Elon Musk and Bill Gates utilize it. It improves clarity, reduces distractions, and gives you a sense of control.

Let’s look at some concrete measures you may take to incorporate it into your workflow.

How to Time Block Effectively

Set aside a section for general planning.

These are the procedures you must do to conduct Time Blocking properly.

The goal of beginning to utilize Time Blocking is to save daily time organizing the day. To do this, set aside time at the beginning or end of your week to prepare the general schedule that you will follow in the next week. The general schedule involves you visualizing and writing down all tasks you do on a daily basis. 

After you’ve written everything, it’s time to include the less important things you undertake every day, such as commuting to work or eating. When you have that, divide it into shallow and deep labor.

Shallow vs. Deep Work

There are two sorts of jobs you may undertake when it comes to time blocking.

Deep work focuses on tasks that help you get closer to your goals and have a direct influence on the success of your organization. This might encompass CRM, marketing automation, and content creation as a marketer.

Shallow labor prioritizes activities that are urgent yet unimportant. Responding to emails and engaging with your staff are examples of this.

When you look at your calendar, make sure you spend most of your time on deep work and just a small percentage of your time on shallow work.

Don’t worry if you do a lot of shallow work; we’ll look into techniques to reduce it later and time block effectively. 

Learn to estimate time

When you strive to be more productive with Time Blocking, you start to become a time estimation ninja since you are expected to predict how long you will spend completing a specific activity before you ever begin.

It is usual to take longer or shorter than intended at first, but with practice, you will learn to be more exact when predicting time.

The greatest part is that your brain will become accustomed to respecting the zones you define, allowing you to concentrate on covering them thoroughly.

Make room for contingencies.

One of the reasons why individuals abandon Time Blocking as the definitive strategy for being more productive is that it gives them the impression of a system that is too tight and strict, but in fact, it does not have to be that way if that is what you want.

Time blocking may be a highly practical strategy for increasing productivity, but it all depends on how realistic you are when planning your calendar.

With Time Blocking, you may always reserve time slots to cover unanticipated occurrences, such as the block that you couldn’t predict precisely and it takes longer to complete than you planned, or the activities that arise at the last minute you have no option but to carry out.

Commit to doing concentrated work.

Speaking of being practical with our time management, one of the most crucial rules to time block effectively is that you respect the time blocks set out for each task, working with attention.

You must have the utmost responsibility and discipline to prevent normal distractions such as someone chatting to you, being unable to keep your eyes off the phone to check social media, or executing more than one activity simultaneously.

Outsource shallow Work

For example, suppose you spend 5 hours a week writing social media postings, replying to comments, and promoting them. That’s a lot of time you might be spending on something more essential.

As a result, you should delegate these responsibilities to a social media manager.

It will save you time and allow you to focus on what is important. Do the same with any other trivial duties, such as responding to emails or scheduling appointments.

Make your Time Blocking Visual

The most visually appealing organizing techniques are ideal for serving as a reminder, so if you want to be more productive with Time Blocking, you can design your own calendar to make it as eye-catching as possible.

Many tools make this happen, such as dividing each activity by assigning a specific color.

10 Best Apps to Block Time Effectively for Freelancers


It is a popular task management tool among small company owners. It enables you to take notes from anywhere in an agile manner using its templates, exchange ideas with workers or colleagues, create task lists, scan documents, link them to other programs, and retrieve information fast. Evernote has three subscriptions ranging from €0 to €13.99 per month.

Microsoft ToDo 

This time management tool automatically refreshes your personal calendar, displays the most important events of the day, and allows you to connect it with other devices and share to-do lists with coworkers. Another benefit is that it is free.

Google Keep

It is available on Google Play for Android and its online version on Google Drive. It is free, extremely straightforward, and intuitive to use when accessing all of the task management tools that it provides. Its major benefit over other time and task management applications is that being within the Google ecosystem simplifies much of your job.


This software is created for individuals who do not use time management applications because they forget to put down their tasks and check their lists. In addition to the reminder alerts, an alarm is triggered when it detects a period of inactivity. It allows you to determine which clients or projects are more profitable for you and which are holding you back. The data may be exported to any format and synced with other devices. They provide numerous options, ranging from free to monthly or yearly.


This time and task manager provides a plethora of features, including the ability to quickly add tasks, divide them into subtasks, mark important things as favorites, share projects with other devices, add comments to tasks, productivity graphs, synchronization with other apps, and access from anywhere. Todoist Premium is available for €3 per month.


It is built around a straightforward structure of boards, lists, and cards that allows you to access all of the information you have placed into the program at a glance. Certain undertakings can be completed as a group effort. Trello, like many time and task management apps, includes a free edition as well as premium plans.


This is an excellent software for freelancers who are easily distracted. It automatically measures your time by recording how much time you spend on each app, online page, or document you read. RescueTime will show you where you’re spending time and allow you to block or restrict your time spent on those distractions.

Do some study on each time and task management program to locate the one that best matches your business or how you operate.

Harvest: Ideal time management for small groups

Harvest supports admin-approved team timesheets and costs, quotations, budgets, billable times, and more to make time tracking as clean as possible. The option to bill consumers for bespoke invoices is one of Harvest’s finest features. There is no need to integrate accounting software.

The software is also compatible with all major platforms, including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and the web. On the other hand, the free tier is restricted to one user and two projects.


When you run Time Tracker, Forest, a game-focused software for iOS and Android, physically sprouts a tree. The forestry staff will plant a tree every 30 minutes if they work hard. However, if you exit the program, the job of creating the tree will be completed.

Apart from the fun and eco-friendly environment, this app has no other features. But when you just need to sit back and focus, there may be nothing else.

Waiting time: monitoring activities and taking breaks

In today’s society of perpetual overwork, a break might be more important than logged time.

Timeout is an innovative program that assists you in setting appropriate boundaries for your work by scheduling breaks in advance. You may also utilize pauses to do particular tasks like playing music or starting an app.

On the other hand, wait times may measure real activity and provide thorough information on how the day went.


It is difficult to maximize productivity and work as efficiently as possible, especially while working remotely. Time blocking has been a beneficial approach utilized by the most successful individuals to stay on top of their games. You can incorporate the above methods into your workflow to help you get things done faster. Use it to differentiate yourself from other freelancers and take your business to the next level. The ideal time to begin utilizing it is right now.