Freelancers Are Living Their Preferred Lifestyle

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In the last decade, freelancers has exploded in popularity. According to recent estimates, over half of the U.S. workforce will be freelance by 2025.

And with the rise of freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork, there’s no doubt that this number will continue to grow in the coming years. But why? What’s causing more people to opt-out of traditional full-time jobs?

What’s driving this change? What are the benefits of choosing this lifestyle? And how can you choose to go freelance if it seems like an option that might work well for you?

Here at, we believe you’re made for much more. This article will look at all aspects of the freelance lifestyle and why more people choose to pursue it.


You’ll find that freelancers have more flexibility in their work hours and work-life balance. Time management is often easier for freelancers because you can be as busy or slow as possible.

You’re also not tied down by job requirements or tied into a permanent contract, so it’s easier to build a schedule around your life instead of having your life revolve around your work.

For example, you can if you want to cut back on freelance writing for a few months and travel. There’s no need to fret about being let go or finding another client; if you don’t feel like working, don’t. It’s all up to you—and isn’t that a nice change?

No office politics

The days of cutting your teeth at a corporation and doing anything to reach a corporate ladder are long gone. But when you work remotely as a freelancer, there are no politics.

You get to spend your day how you want to. For many people, being able to make their hours is very important.

Office politics aren’t only uncomfortable; they can be a threat to your career. Think about when you left your last job, if not because of office politics and office unpleasantness in general.

The fact that they don’t have someone watching over them makes it even better. You will find that being a freelancer is one of the best ways that you can live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Growth opportunities

Your career is yours to shape, so why not try a job that offers more opportunities? Unlike working for someone else, freelancing means there’s no ceiling on how far you can go.

You can freelance forever (or until retirement) or find new opportunities every few years—either way, you’re in control of your fate.

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And while your pay will likely vary throughout your career, remember that growth opportunities and exciting challenges don’t pay much.

But, they do come with benefits like increased visibility within an organization, flexible hours, and often a greater sense of fulfillment than monetary compensation.

Networking opportunities

One of the fabulous things about freelancing is how varied it can be. You get to work with people from different parts of the world, on different types of projects, and in completely different industries.

Depending on your clients and projects, you could work on multiple projects. You could be writing a project one day, performing research for a marketing campaign another day, or brainstorming new business ideas for a startup.

This variety keeps me intellectually engaged while letting me spend most of my time doing something I love—and it’s more than worth it if it means I get paid fairly.

Wrap up

The freelance lifestyle isn’t just a trend. It’s an option for anyone who wants to live in control of their destiny. You don’t have to be tied down by strict rules and regulations or commute for hours. If you think you’d be happier as a freelancer, go for it! 

As more people jump into freelancing, it becomes clear that it’s not just a lifestyle choice—it’s an empowering career path worth exploring if you want more freedom than what comes with working for someone else.