Freelancers are by choice the most satisfied group in the workforce

Did you know that freelancers form a third of the American workforce? The number of freelancers continues to grow not only in the country but globally. Experts have attributed the steady growth in the freelancers population to workforce satisfaction. Workforce satisfaction is the level of contentment employees have for their jobs. According to a survey by the Payoneer group, freelancers’ high level of satisfaction can be attributed to flexible work schedules and the freedom to work from home or in a non-traditional workspace.

The satisfaction amongst freelancers comes from being able to make key decisions about their lives and career. Contrary to those under the traditional model of employment freelancers have a more hands-on approach to the direction their lives take. This article takes a peek into the lives of freelancers exploring reasons why freelancers are by choice the most satisfied group in the workforce. Without further ado, let us take a look at some of the reasons.

Work-life balance

A lot of people in the workforce find it difficult to balance the time available between their work and personal life. This is common in the traditional model of employment where the choice is removed from their hands. This is not the case for freelancers. Freelancers take on short-term projects and create manageable work schedules. These flexible schedules allow for faster completion of tasks at hand leaving ample time to concentrate on personal life. Flexible schedules also drive up levels of satisfaction for freelancers to break the monotony of work by allowing time for social activities.


Every individual within the workforce has a driving force behind him or her. Freelancing is a personal choice and most freelancers do what they do not as a career but as a passion. The main motivating factor for most freelancers is passion and specialization. This translates into efficiency and excellence in the projects that they undertake. Contrary to freelancers, most people in the traditional model of employment have money as their driving force which is fair enough. I mean, we all have to pay bills at some point. To them, passion comes second to money. By the end of the day, freelancers are more likely to derive a greater sense of satisfaction from the work done. It hardly feels like work since it is all about passion.

Experience from traditional employment

Most if not all freelancers have been in the traditional employment models at a given point. Some may have opted to join freelancing after losing jobs under traditional employment. Others resigned from their jobs in search of freedom. Either way, freelancers have individual reservations about traditional employment models. They understand the benefits and the challenges it carries with it. Most of them are contented working as freelancers and no longer across the fence for greener pastures.


Freelancing is more of a business than an employment opportunity. A freelancer is at liberty to choose what to wear, how much to spend, and which clients to work with. Additionally, he or she decides on the location of the business and controls the work schedules and workload. A freelancer derives satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment by managing everything.

Upcoming Favorites

Large US companies have increased their reliance on a flexible workforce specifically freelancers and contract workers. This has increased the availability of jobs within the sector. It has also driven up the level of satisfaction among freelancers for two reasons. One is the increased levels of recognition by large firms that hold a significant stake in the economy. Secondly, there is a significant increase in tasks available to freelancers.

Job Security

As earlier stated freelance is a business with the freelancer as the director. A freelancer is not bound to a single client. He or she chooses the clients to work with and negotiates the payments. The job security in freelance exists because he or she can serve several clients at the same time on short projects. This ensures a constant flow of clients. Additionally, repeat clients create a feeling of satisfaction for the freelancer which translates into job security.

Location Flexibility

Freelancers are often referred to as a flexible workforce for a reason. Freelance jobs are done digitally. This has made it possible for freelancers to live in one continent and work in another continent. Moreover, he or she may choose to work from the home office and save money that would otherwise be spent on renting an office space. Projects that require a freelancer to have a face-to-face meeting with a client can be taken only from the surrounding location. Even better, there is no strain on the family in the event, that one has to move to a new location. This is bound to create a level of satisfaction.

Pool of Clients

Technology and especially teleworking have removed the geographical constraints giving freelancers access to a global pool of clients. Freelancers can now derive satisfaction from a much more diverse client list. Working with a global clientele not only creates more opportunities but also gives a freelancer a chance to grow his or her business on a global scale.

Improved Skillset

The human body is wired with an urge to constantly grow and learn new things.  Freelancing presents an opportunity to sharpen one’s skill in his or her areas of passion and specialization. Additionally, a freelancer can work on a variety of new project areas.

Career Growth

Contrary to traditional employment where growth in one’s career depends on several external factors, freelancing offers faster career growth. A dedicated freelancer can achieve faster career growth based on good work with clients.


Employee satisfaction is achievable by any group in the workforce. There is greater satisfaction amongst freelancers because the choices they make are unique to their situations. Similar satisfaction in other groups within the workforce is possible if and when employees are empowered or involved in decisions that affect them directly. Choice and freedom are the two biggest drivers of greater satisfaction within the freelancers’ group.

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