Start The New Month With These Productivity Apps

Productivity Apps

Productivity is a topic that never gets stale. We all want to get things done on time and with minimal effort. Effective time management and productivity increase the general quality of our lives. With the right productivity apps, you tend to be more productive, and digital tools have been proven to boost productivity to a large extent. Today you will be learning how to make the most of your calendar with our 30min Booking software

There are a lot of productivity apps that you can easily install which will make your job a lot easier. Tasks like storing files, tracking, transcribing audio, manually copying, and tasting data is done automatically with the help of these lifesavers. Some of these apps help you drastically reduce the energy that will be spent on trying to remember every detail of what you are supposed to do. They do this and remind you of the said activities.

What are Productivity Apps?

Productivity apps are said to be any software that helps you get your work done effectively. These apps help in saving valuable time. They are a good number of apps to choose from but this post will be only centered on three of such applications. Yes, being productive is very important; however, it is only right that you identify exactly what you are looking for. If you need help staying focused, they are apps that can help with that. If you are in need of software to handle your scheduling and appointments, they are apps like, can make that a reality, or perhaps you need an app that will make communicating with your teammates very easy, they are apps for that.

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As a professional writer, Grammarly comes highly recommended as this app is very effective in picking up on grammatical errors in your writing that you didn’t notice. All you have to do is copy the piece of writing you want to be checked and paste it into the Grammarly form. This software automatically checks the writing for you then highlights the errors and offers suggestions. The Grammarly software helps detect too much use of passive voice, repetitive words, wordy sentences, misplaced modifiers, ending sentences with prepositions, and overused words.  

With Grammarly, your writing comes out well polished and arranged. Below are the pros of using Grammarly;

  • It is very easy to use
  • The plagiarism check is in-built
  • It has a readability checker
  • It detects the majority of the errors
  • It gives you the opportunity to learn, with the suggestions it provides.
  • It brings misspelled words to your attention
  • The software is time effective
  • It offers real-time checking
  • It accommodates both the US and British English

This widely used software has its own cons, below are a few of them;

  • It is very accurate but doesn’t pick up all the errors
  • It is worth noting that it cannot totally replace manual proofreading
  • This software doesn’t work with Google Docs
  • The suggestions that it offers are not 100% correct all the time
  • Doesn’t have a feature for offline editing

It is recommended that you run a double check on each and every change suggested by the software instead of accepting them all, as this might put the quality of your article at risk.   Grammarly is one of the software that has a massive pool of sources that can help us better our language skills.


This is one of the most used productivity apps. It can be used on IOS, Android, and Desktop devices. Hive is mostly used by small businesses and those in the Higher Education Industry. This platform aids sell-side platforms and publishers generate first-class ad inventory to monetize contextual relevance and grow diversion units to address brand fitness needs. This app aids companies make use of artificial intelligence to interpret text, audio, image, and video Below are the major features of this app;

  • Project management

Hive projects

  • Automation
  • Team management
  • Time Management
  • Numerous integrations
  • Strong search functionality

Hive is used for numerous project management functions such as transparency, file sharing, automated task management, visualization, monitoring, and communication. The app works in the following ways;

Benefits of Using Hive for Project Management

Below are the benefits of using this software for project management purposes;

  • Saves Time

Hive’s action templates are used to save time. Instead of repeating a certain thing more than one time this template comes in and saves time. The application has templates for marketing, onboarding, content calendars, and other functions.

  • It has Very Comprehensive Features

Instead of switching from one tool to another to complete given tasks as is seen with other applications, Hive has tools for collaboration and communication. With Hive, users can make use of different views, ranging from status view, table view, calendar, and Gantt view to extend the visibility of the project,

  • Customer Support

Each and every time a customer reaches out for support, Hive has a customer support team that listens and responds in little or no time. The feedback gotten from customers is of value to Hive as improvements are always made.

  • Integration

Hive is known for its numerous integrations which are more than a thousand. It integrates with the applications commonly used such as Google Drive, Google Calendar, Dropbox, iCal, Slack, and more.

  • Versatility and Value

Hive is easily customizable and versatile, which makes it a lot easier for them to keep track of their projects and tasks. Another amazing feature of this software is that it gives users the opportunity to convert a project from a kanban-style board style to a calendar view.

A lot of users are of the opinion that Hive offers value to the money they spent in comparison to other project management software.

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Hive Cons

  • Task Dependencies

The users of this software reported that they are not able to create dependent tasks. Users of this app find difficulty in creating dependent tasks that reappear within projects.

  • Notifications

Unlike the conventional way of receiving notifications that usually end up in the user’s inbox, Hive notifications appear as a pop-on on the right-hand corner of the screen. What is problematic about this is it can’t be marked off as read.

  • Limited Mobile Functionality

The mobile version of this app is not as responsive as the desktop version. They are also of the opinion that the desktop version is a lot easier to navigate.

  • User Navigation

Users encounter difficulty in understanding and learning some functions such as configuring and personalizing the software.


This app is free to download online. Hive Solo is always free for as many as two users however Hive Team starts at $12 monthly per user. Hive Solo is best for individuals and teams of a few persons who are just starting project management and collaboration. Hive Team is designed for teams that carry out numerous projects and programs and want their work streamlined. Then the Hive Enterprise is reserved for bigger teams and companies in need of custom project management features and additional support.

30 Mins

Scheduling appointments and keeping to it are very essential in freelancing, hence the reason why individuals get to hire people to have it mature by them. With this software, you can easily schedule seminars, classes, or even meetings. This app has nice features that make it unique, examples of these features are outlined below;

  • Automation of reminders and follow-up

As a result of poor time management and scheduling, people get to miss out on appointments and consequently lose their clients. This is something that can be avoided, with 30mins. Users of this software are automatically reminded of upcoming events and appointments on their calendars. It also has a feature that sends follow-up messages to clients. This has proven to be very helpful as you have time to focus on other pressing needs

  • The Booking Recurring Meeting Feature

Meetings that are reoccurring are easily highlighted and immediately booked so you won’t have to be going through the stress of booking these meetings every day, week, or month.

  •  “The Paid or Free” Meetings Feature

The cost of your meetings and services are well stated giving clients the information they would otherwise be calling and messaging to get. With this feature, your client would know which of your services are free or paid for.

  • The Feature that Allows you to Controls your Availability

National and international holidays, along with your work and off days are well seen on the app giving clients the opportunity of scheduling a meeting ahead of a time that best works for you and them. Instead of keep sending emails that oftentimes remain unread in order to schedule a meeting on a date when you are free, this app comes in to save the day with this solution.

  • Work Your Way

Another important feature of this app is that of aiding you handle payments to foundations or charities of your choosing.

  • Finance Management Option

This productivity app helps with the management of your finances, you can choose to either have your funds in your personal account immediately after the end of a successful meeting or when you have a said task completed. There is also the option of getting paid at the end of every week which is also doable with the 30mins software.

Once you are registered on this platform, potential clients can look up the services you offer and immediately book you for an appointment. 30mins do not charge the client a Service Fee for Booking Meetings. This and creating service are all totally free, apart from when you subscribe to the Escrow Service. When you are making use of the Escrow Service, an 8% Fixed Service Fee is charged. The Escrow Service comes highly recommended. For more information or inquiries, contact us at

Closing Thoughts

Working smarter may significantly increase productivity in any field. This can be achieved by making use of productivity apps. Productivity apps relieve a lot of stress off you and accelerate your operations.