How to monetize your time


The way and manner people do things is constantly changing, gone are the days when you have to sit in a brick-and-mortar office morning till night just to earn a living so as to receive a paycheck at the end of the month. With the constant increase in knowledge and technology, the ways people earn has practically change. you can be in your home and earn without setting your foot in a corporate office as a worker due to the several easy ways of having a source of income. People are constantly seeking for ways to monetize their time and skills, as this presents a better opportunity than the previous ways people work.


 The awesome thing about all of this is the fact that everyone can do this. with just time on your hands and a skill you are knowledgeable about, you can begin earning a living in the most simplest and stress-free method.

 in this article, we will be looking at the ways you can monetize your time on .

 Often times, as a professional, we are caught in the complexities of how our clients can book a session or meeting with us, with the difficulty of finding a platform that can automate this process, it becomes nearly impossible to be efficient, however, with, whether you are an Attorney, Teacher, Influencer or an expert in any field, you can easily schedule meetings with your Clients either for free or you can get paid by your clients for your knowledge through

5 Simple Steps go Begin

1) Sign Up: Sign up on, You will get a personal link which you can share with your clients for them to book a meeting with you right away. No contracts. No credit card needed. All essential services are free, always.

2) Link Calendars: Link all your accounts and calendars such as Google, Teams, etc. and never get double booked. Your clients and prospects can see your availability and book at the time that works for them. No back and forth for availability.

3) Create Services: Create services for free meetings, paid meetings, recurring meetings, freelance services, your part time job availability, and more.

4) Accept Clients Bookings: Your clients and prospects can see your availability and book/purchase at the time that works for them. No back and forth for availability. Everything is made easy and automated.

5) Get paid: on, you can choose how to get paid by clients. The platform does not mandate a specific payment process. You can choose to receive payments from clients in 3 easy methods. Escrow: clients pay in advance for the work you are to do or service you are rendering, 30mins serves as an escrow, when you are through with your client, money is then released to you.

Direct payment: you do not have to use the services of 30mins to receive your payment, allows you to receive your payment deposited into your personal bank account by the client and you are charged $0 for this by

Cash payment: Use cash, check or any method to collect payment from customer. 30mins does not get involved.

Conclusion : If you are  looking for an array of opportunities to start making money with your time, can bring that desire to reality. You just have to start now.

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