How To Create Passive Income


How To Create Passive Income

We live in a world where there are wants, needs, demands and desires. Living a satisfying life requires having the needed finances. With the constant high inflation and increasing unemployment rate all over the world, it only makes sense to have at least one extra source of income to supplement finances for our daily needs.

Due to demanding life’s activities, it is often quite difficult to know how to go about increasing our earnings without it affecting our primary jobs. This is where creating a passive income comes to play.


What is passive income ?

Passive Income are earnings you make from a source other than your primary employment. It is typically a job done on the side that may not necessarily be as demanding as your main job.

There are several ways you can create a passive income, however, we will be highlighting 4 Interesting ways you can start to earn passive income and how can make the journey there a seamless process.

1) Start a YouTube channel: starting a YouTube channel can indeed be very beneficial when you want to create a passive income; as it doesn’t require a high level of expertise. You can create unique contents, making video of yourself while doing things you love, teaching a subject you are good at or just sharing your day to day activities. We have billions of people on earth and so there will always be people who are interested in any content you put out . The more you create videos, the more views you will get and that is where the money comes in. YouTube places adverts on your videos and pay you a share from the proceeds advertisers pay.

YouTubers who get thousands of views and even millions of views are able to profit from this as YouTube pays you when people watch your videos .

You can also make money on youtube through affiliate marketing. If you are a YouTuber who makes videos about services or Products, you can always refer your viewers to any of this Services or Products, and if they go on to make a purchase, you get paid commissions for the sales.

2) Freelancing: There are several platforms designed for freelancing such as where you can offer your skills and get paid while doing so. 30mins allows you set-up freelance gigs which you can offer to a global audience. You can offer services such as graphic designing, copywriting, website designing, video editing and practically anything you are knowledgeable about that people are willing to pay for. With freelancing, you can create a passive income while still doing your primary job because with freelancing, you control your time, your hours, and the type of job you wish to take .

3) Influencer: Do you know people make money for just having lots of social media followers. This is similar to starting a YouTube channel, however this does not necessarily have to be in YouTube, as creating contents for Facebook, Tiktok or Instagram can grow your following. Brands are always looking for popular influencers to partner with and they are ready to pay thousands of dollars for you to advertise their brands. You can also use the service of to schedule meetings with your advertising partners as 30mins allows your Clients see when you are available for booking. You can also choose to use 30mins to get paid.

4) Become a Virtual assistant: Virtual assistants are in great demand now as employers are starting to realize they do not necessarily need someone in a specific location to carry out administrative work for them . As a virtual assistant, you can be in a location and still work for clients, helping them do basic administrative jobs such as general as project management, bookkeeping, content research and so on. As a virtual assistant, you can earn quite a lot as you can take on jobs with different clients . A virtual assistant will greatly benefit from a lot of services 30mins offers.

30mins is all about monetizing your time, and for anyone who wishes to create a passive income, they will indeed benefit from the numerous opportunities offers.

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