How do I Sign Up ?

Signin up is easy.  Just go to and click SIGN UP.

You can sign up using your email OR using a social login such as Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

And, then you will receive an OTP (One Time Password in your email).  Just enter that and you are now signed-up.  At this stage you should complete the welcome process.

Add your personal details:

Now, you should attach your calendars. This way at time of booking your clients or prospects will only see the times when you are available and you will never get DOUBLE BOOKED! Your clients or prospects only see busy/free – no other information is shared.

If you have multiple email/calendar accounts, you should attach all of those so that you never get double booked.

This application only checks busy/free. Your calendar information is secure.

And, you are done. Now you can add services and products that you offer.

Meeting Services: Add these so that you can have your own calendar link that you can share with others. Using this link others can see your availability, book meetings without the back and forth, and you don’t have to worry about double booking.

Freelancing Services: Add these so that people can buy these services from you.

Products: Add these so that people can buy these products from you.

Also Check –