How do I set up a meeting where I will get paid directly?

Before you set up a paid meeting, you need to configure the Receive payments from Payment section from the side menu, to get the direct payment you need to link your Stripe account which is highlighted in the below screen. For Direct payment: holds no responsibility for handling payment disputes. 

Once you configure the stripe, Click on Services from the sidebar, Click on Add New Services button that will populate the below screen, there will be 4 options to create your services, you need to select the Meeting option and click on the continue button.

After clicking on the continue button, it will redirect to creating meeting screen, where you need to add the required information as per the below screen,


After clicking on the Continue button, it will redirect to another screen, Where it will ask to keep free or paid service. Once you select the option PAID, it will expand other options from the bottom like how much do you want people to pay for this service. Also, there is an option like how do you want to receive your payments. 

There are 3 options, and you need to select Direct payment options. Client payments are deposited to your bank account directly. We are not involved in this transaction. and click on the preview button, it will show all the details which you have entered, once you submit the service, your service will be visible to everyone, So if anyone books your session you will get paid through Direct payment, and payment will be deposited in your bank account, We are not involved for this transaction. . 

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