How a freelancer on fiverr and upwork can use 30mins to facilitate scheduled interviews between the freelancer and clients


How a freelancer on fiverr and upwork can use 30mins to facilitate scheduled interviews between the freelancer and clients

Booking Appointments is an important necessity to getting in contact with new people and businesses and broadening your freelancer clientele. Being able to win more clients is how you can succeed as a freelancer. Without having powerful tools like 30mins to assist you, it becomes nearly impossible to advance your freelancing career.

An appointment software is extremely   important for freelancers because they help freelancers improve client communication, saves a lot of  time, back and forth and reduces no-show meetings. It allow high-value clients to easily get in touch with you at a convenient time.  This greatly reduces inefficiencies which will end up increasing your revenue and growth as a freelancer.

Professionalism is one very important quality of a freelancer who wants to advance, and being able to handle appointments professionally will go a long way to tell how serious you are. The top paying freelance jobs will need you to set appointments with clients.

We will be looking at how 30mins can help you increase your Productivity and income as a freelancer either on Fiverr, upwork or other freelancing platforms.

What Is 30mins ?

30mins is a Social platform for you to monetize time, allowing your clients and prospects schedule meetings with you without any back and forth. You have the option to set up  meetings on the platform and clients can connect for free or pay to do so.

30mins allows you to connect to other calendars quite easily and you can  integrate with tons of third-party tools. It also gives you a unique personal link to share with anyone to instantly book a meeting with you based on your availability. Your calendar can easily allow your clients know the time and days you are already booked. 30mins has a simple interface that comes with a lot of powerful tools which allows you set-up your meetings in just a few clicks. One thing that separates 30mins from most similar platforms is the fact that it allows you to sell other services which is very beneficial to professionals and freelancers as well.

What Features does 30mins offer ?

•Appointment reminders

•Automatic appointment bookings

•Time slots for different services

•Pause or cancel appointments

•Connect to several tools and calendars

• Allows you create Round robin meetings

• Create job listening

•You can create unlimited one on one meetings

• Create organization listings

•You can create and sell freelance service or products

•Customize your booking link

•Allows payment using 30mins as an ESCROW

•Availability of several organizational tools

•Restrict who can join a meeting

•Showcase profile page that is enabled for SEO

30mins makes it easy for you to manage your time by offering automatic appointment bookings. You can also see which days your client is booked and which days they have time slots open. These are all important services on how to manage a team remotely with respect to scheduling meetings.

Benefits of 30mins for Freelancers

Freelancers are self employed and do not  have a team of workers to care for anything that isn’t work-related. They are their own CEO, accountant, marketing, logistics etc, The less minute tasks they have to worry about, the more time they have to concentrate on delivery a good job to their Clients.

Being able to schedule Appointment seamlessly is an important factor for freelancers and this is where software platforms like 30mins makes it an easy to do process.

Let’s look at some of the significant benefits  of how 30mins can be beneficial to a freelancer

Clients Find It Easier to Book Appointments

Freelancing has many benefits over the traditional methods of working, but it also has it’s own downsides. Many relate to communication barriers, often making it tricky for clients to book an appointment with a freelancer.  For example, if there’s a 9-hour time zone difference, booking appointments through back-and-forth communication can be very frustrating since there’s only a short window during the day when both parties are available. However thanks to appointment scheduling applications like 30mins,  clients can easily find an open spot in the freelancer’s schedule and book an appointment at an available time slot without having to wait for confirmations.

More Efficient Rescheduling and Cancellations

Most freelancer have dealt with clients who cancel their appointments last minute, want to reschedule them, or simply don’t show up for the meeting. The best way to handle this is make the rescheduling process as efficient as possible, and appointment schedulers can help with that.

Whenever a client wants to cancel an appointment, they would traditionally have to call you or reach out to you via email for last-minute rescheduling. With appointment schedulers like 30mins,  your client gets complete control over changing their reservation to another one of your available slots, and you get a notification about it ahead of time.

No More No-Shows

Sudden cancellations can be quite annoying, but not more than a no-show situation. Cancellations inform you about a client’s unavailability ahead of time but no-shows will keep you waiting for no reason. No-shows may be frustrating but they are sometimes as a result genuine circumstances.

Clients can usually forget about appointments likewise, which is a lot of times the common cause of missed meetings. To better take care of such situation, 30mims have automated reminders and notifications that are customizable and alerts you whenever a booking is closed.

Clients Can Book Appointments On All Devices

You can access 30mins on all devices  and is well-optimized. This means that clients can book an appointment even on their phones.

If clients can’t book appointments across different devices, you could miss out on valuable collaborations. An appointment scheduler will help you secure more possibilities by covering all possible channels for potential clients to book online appointments.

Allows Clients to Book Appointments Anytime

Regular appointments could only be booked during office hours. However, on 30mins,  Clients can easily access your calendar, find a free slot, and book it for an appointment whenever they want, even while you’re sleeping.


Savings Time and Money

30mins can help you save time, effort, and even money as a freelancer. Freelancers work with several clients, which means going back and forth with all of them to book appointments takes up a significant part of their time. Likewise there is always a chance of double booking due to human error. When that happens, you’ll have to forgo one of the two clients, which means missing out on potential revenue.

30mins can help you  solve all of these problems, providing you with an automated timesheet where clients can independently book an available slot. Double bookings aren’t possible since the pre-booked slots are unavailable for new appointments.

•Saves Your  Client’s Time

30mins doesn’t only help freelancers to save time, it also helps your prospective clients. People who want to book an appointment won’t have to call you at a suitable time and have a discuss about when you should have a chat, Instead, they can pull out their phone on the go and book a convenient slot with a few taps on their phone. They can choose the perfect time and date for a meeting without having to call you for approval, and both parties immediately get a confirmation notice via email, and that’s it.


 Appointment schedulers like 30mins can help make clients happy right from the get-go. Besides enabling your clients book whassle-free appointments, these software tools save your time, boost your bookings, and ends up increasing your revenue drastically.


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