Side Hustles to Make Money in 2023


The way people make money is evolving, side hustle is basically the order of the day. It is estimated that over 90% of working class people either have a side Hustle or are considering having a side hustle. We will discuss various options that that you have to make money on the side in 2023.

A side hustle is basically an additional job that a person does in addition to their primary job in other to supplement their income.

Why do people take on side hustles ?

Supplement Income

With the constant rise in the cost of living, people’s primary jobs does not cater for their needs completely. Many times when people receive their paycheck at the end of the month, this money usually isn’t enough for all their needs. Even in situations where it is enough, they are usually left without any extras. This makes a lot of people take side hustles that can give them some extra cash.

Pay up debts

One of the reasons people take on side hustles is to pay off their debts. A situation in which a person has only one job, settling debts that they owe may be quite difficult, especially for those who already have dependents. Some have student loans to pay, while others have mortgages. Basically, having a side hustle makes it easy for them to have extra income to settle off their debts In the shortest time.

Extra savings

There are people who take on side hustles not because their primary job can’t cater for their needs or they are in debt, but they take up side hustles just to have extra savings. Having good savings is often a quick route to early retirement.

There are so many reasons people take up side hustles or wish to take up a side hustle. Wanting a side hustle and knowing what type of side hustle you can take on are two different things.

In this article, we will be sharing with you some side hustle ideas to make money in the year 2023

Side Hustles for 2023

Start a blog

In spite of what many might think, starting a blog is still a very profitable venture and fun side hustle. Everyday, we go through series of written information on the internet, and most of all this information are provided by blogs. It may seem as though the income from a blog isn’t so much at the beginning, but as you grow your blog over time, regularly updating it with well researched keywords and SEO, it will start to hit thousands of visitors monthly, some blogs get millions of visitors monthly. So the possibility of earning thousands of dollars a month blogging is really high.

Star a YouTube channel

Having a YouTube channel has been a life changing experience for many. You can earn passive income owning an active YouTube channel . A lot of YouTubers earn thousands of dollars from YouTube payments due to the ads placed on their videos. Every times you watch a YouTube video, you find ads playing in the beginning, in-between or after the video, some ads are even displayed underneath the video like banner ads. YouTube pays you for placing this ads on your video. YouTube Ads are not the only way you can earn, you can also earn through affiliate promotions where people buy a product or service through the link you refer then to. Some YouTubers even sell their own merchandise . So if you are considering what side hustle to start this year, starting your YouTube channel should definitely be top of the list.

Start an e-commerce store

The  e-commerce industry has been on the rise for sometime and still there is an opportunity. One of my friend started drop-shipping business as a side hustle and now he is selling about 600 wall art per month and has even partnered with Wayfair. E-commerce stores have many perks like drop shipping, easy-to-use interfaces, digital payments, no retail storefronts, and 24/7 product availability. A lot of  platforms, like Shopify, eBay, Etsy or  Amazon provides an online storefront for your e-commerce store and teaches you how to open your online store on their platform, likewise manage transactions, and even build your brand. Starting is quite easy and very profitable. You can also decide to start yours from scratch through for  example WordPress, if you want to have a more personal control of your store.

Create an online course

Have you got something you are got at ? Do you know something others will be willing to pay to learn ? Creating an online course is another side hustle. It can give you extra money in short term and even passive income in long term.  Online learning platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, and Teachable have indeed  transformed the educational world by teaching every skill you can think of, with the potential for certification at the end. These platforms provide opportunities to promote your courses and give a sense of security to their customers.  If you choose not to put your courses on a platform and want to sell them yourself, social media has opened up many doors for you to sell your courses to your followers. This enables you to make passive income.

Sell your advice/time to learn from you

People are looking to talk to experts. Whether it is for a solution for a plumbing problem, a maths problem they want solved, or inviting them to join a meeting and present their thoughts. You have a capability, a skill, a knowledge… stop giving it free and instead create your profile and share your link to sell your advice. The simplest side hustle you can start today! is one such platform that allows you to do just that. Setup your meeting services and you can offer your time and get paid while doing so. No more just free advice. With this, you can create a passive income while still doing your primary job because with selling your meeting time, you control your time, your rate, and your hours.


Freelancing is doing specific jobs for clients without committing to full-time employment. As a Freelancer, you can take on multiple projects with different clients simultaneously.

There are several platforms designed for freelancing such as fiverr, freelancer, upwork, where you can offer your skills and get paid while doing so. 30mins allows you set-up freelance gigs which you can offer to a global audience. You can offer services such as Virtual assistant, Programming, graphic designing, copywriting, website designing, video editing and practically anything you are knowledgeable about that people are willing to pay for. With freelancing, you can create a passive income while still doing your primary job because with freelancing, you control your time, your hours, and the type of job you wish to take.

Starting a side hustle to make money has never been easier.

You can choose any of the above that you are comfortable with. I recommend you carve out a side job and income with your skillset. Turn your time and skill into money! And, to begin with, just start selling your time – create your account and set up your paid meeting service. Let people pay to learn from you!