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 Best services to sell on  has become the right place to be for new and established freelancers as well as professional with a cut-edge technology and the right tools to help you succeed.

 Getting clients on 30mins has been proven to be quite seamless which  leaves the rest of the job to you. You are to provide services clients will be willing to pay for.

In this article we will be discussing the best services you can offer for sale on

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1) Content Writing

Anyone who has a website for a product or service, or just a website for information depends a lot on the traffic the website generates. And one way to generate that traffic is writing conteont.

Content Writers are professionals  in providing articles or blog posts for websites which utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content to maximize the exposure of the website. Writers work with user instructions and intent to deliver great quality articles. If you can write a college essay, you can probably do this.

2) Resume & Cover Letter Writing

A good resume is the first step to being accepted into a job. The standards for resumes keep getting higher and higher. For the young and inexperienced, they need a resume that looks outstanding without highlighting their lack of work. For those returning to the job market, they need a way to bring the highlights of their professional life to the forefront.

If you know what makes a resume stand out and reach the top of a stack of applicants, you can put that skill to use designing and writing killer resumes and cover letters for companies you won’t even need to work for.

3) Proofreading

Spell check doesn’t catch everything. The human fingers can sometimes type faster than what the mind can read. Typos are a thing for nearly every profession that uses word processing, and even exist in fully produced products and publications. The best way to prevent that is with a proofreader.

Proofreading requires a thorough understanding of the language and knowing what is and isn’t right based on more than just how it looks. It just takes time and patience to go over every word twice, once to make sure it’s correct, and again to make sure it’s the right word to use.

4) Product Description

If you’ve ever seen a product on a website and thought that it could be a bit more wordy, more precise, you may have an eye for product descriptions. One part copywriting and one part informational review, a product description defines the exact qualities and aspects of an item for sale.

Product description service rely on originality as well as research driven understanding of an available product so that it can be clearly and precisely defined to those who wish to buy it. And, so they don’t get confused and accidentally buy a competing brand.

5) Email Marketing

Believe it or not, those sales and spam emails you get are being sent out because they, occasionally, work. Well written email copywriting can lead to returns or, at the very least, investigation and engagement with content.

Email marketing is more directly related to sales than purely informational content writing. You need to be selling the product or service as if it were yours to an anonymous batch of people, or subscribers of that product who want more information.

6) Social Media Marketing

Email is the first method of contact for business, but there’s a new way people do business on the web, and that’s through social media Marketing. Writing engagements for other companies on their social media pages helps them free up time to engage with other business aspects and makes them seem more alive and “in person” than they would as just another business. If you’ve generated any buzz online, you can lend that hand to someone else.

7) Marketing Consulting

For more seasoned professionals in the marketing sphere, there are thousands and thousands of businesses on the internet that you might never get the chance to see. And that’s the problem you can help them solve. Independent and self-made business owners turn to freelance platforms like for all sorts of solutions to their ongoing problems.

Someone good at running an online store might not be hip to marketing strategies. If you are, you can pitch them ideas and provide breakdowns of strategies that can help boost their presence online and sales on their platform of choice.

8) Logo Design

30mins is a place for all forms of talent, from writing to art. Any startup or soon-to-be public entity needs a recognizable brand to go along with their future success. Logo design incorporates business acumen with graphic design.

You’ll need to have a thorough understanding of existing logos within a competing space, the lines of where parody becomes theft, and how to fully explore the idea a person wants in just a glance worth of information. It’s putting 1,000 words of sales and representation into a picture

 9) Photoshop

Photoshop is the most popular image editing software, but it’s not for everyone. Some people still rely on MSPaint to do touchups or image editing. Those people need help. Knowing the ins and outs, the shortcuts and shorthand for all the Photoshop tools and toolbars, you have a skill that can be put to great use.

Photoshop editors are usually given pictures with instructions on what to cut or how to make it look, or what to add in to create a new and unique piece of content. You may be asked to combine materials for anything from marketing to personal digital scrapbooking for maximum appeal.

10) Website Development

Anyone looking to make a living on the internet needs a place online to do it. Their own privately operated and maintained website. Website building has come a long way, and takes a lot more knowledge and effort than many  business-minded people have.

They can’t learn and do it all, so you can step in and do some groundwork first. If you have skills and knowledge with coding web pages, you can do that for people. Fix up, maintain and renovate existing web work or make it yourself for someone else.

This list isn’t exhaustive as you can offer practically any legal service on From singing to teaching to tarot card reading and so much more. Without any doubt, offering your services on 30mins can be extremely beneficial and rewarding.