The Ultimate Tool for Scheduling Business Meetings

Everyone hates it when scheduling a meeting becomes difficult. Emailing back and forth to establish a time that works for both parties is only part of the difficulty. But what if your prospects or customers could view your available times on the calendar? What if they could schedule a 30-minute phone conversation or an online meeting? 30Mins is here to make scheduling and earning easy!

What Is 30mins?

We believe you can save time better than ever before. It’s all about planning your day rather than responding to everyone who requires your attention. 30mins enables your customers and prospects to schedule a call or meeting.

You specify your availability hours, customers browse your calendar and quickly reserve a time for whatever service you offer. The best part is when you get paid and earn money effortlessly! You’re probably wondering how. Check out these features! 30mins is what you need!

What 30mins Offer?

Yes! 30mins is for letting our customers schedule. But, there are more things you will need when it comes to scheduling. Here is a list of the main values 30mins bring to your experience.

Provide Paid or Free Meetings

You may want to offer free calls to your prospects. They want to know you and analyze what you provide in a free session. But, free meetings are not for everyone every time. If you provide paid services to your customers, it is easy to set the payment method, and everybody can pay for your services on an hourly basis. The payment transfers to your Paypal or bank account through a direct payment.

Automate reminders and follow-ups

A meeting is more than just a 30-minute talk with someone you want to forget as soon as possible! You’ll need to remind them and yourself not to forget about the meeting and its contents. When you need automated reminders and follow-ups, 30mins is your sidekick. Your consumers will be overjoyed when they receive thank you notes following the meeting, and you will be able to focus on what matters the most. Everything is on autopilot!

Recurring & One-time Meetings

When a meeting is going to occur every day, every week, every 1st of the month, or every third Wednesday, 30mins comes in to facilitate scheduling. Anyone who has access to your calendar can schedule one-time or recurring meetings. This is how they decide whether or not to schedule another meeting with you, but the point is that the meeting they schedule is based on your availability and will appear on your calendar.

Easily Manage Your Availability

Managing your availability is easier than ever. Just a couple of clicks, and your calendar is ready for your prospects to book a meeting with you. When you manage your availability on 30mins, every meeting happens in an effortless way. All those back and forth emails are not needed anymore! When a meeting is all planned and arranged, you get right to the point. What else do you require? What do you need more?

Play Your Role

You help people when you offer your services. But, how to help more people? 30mins enables you to donate a portion of your earnings to charity. This is an elegant way to play your role as a value provider, both to your prospects and those who need your financial support.

How Does 30mins Work?

You have a profile and a dashboard on 30mins. Your profile can be publicly available to everybody on the platform. People can find you by your name, location, or job title. Your services will appear in your profile, and you can share a link to your profile, enabling your customers to schedule. Want to make it more interesting? Embed your calendar

In your dashboard, you set your availability, add your services, and customize your profile. People can find you online easily and know about you, your job history, education, publications, and available times when you offer services. 30mins is here to bring a better experience to you and your customers.

30mins Extensions

The cool features of 30mins never end! Using 30mins, you will be able to activate different extensions and get more handy tools and features.


Sometimes you want to narrow down your prospects and create a filter for those who can meet with you. Simply enable this extension and create a custom whitelist or blacklist. Which emails and domains do you wish to restrict? Define a filter for them.

Send Message

With a very small fee, you can enable your customers to contact you directly. This is an opportunity for a more collaborative and engaging profile on 30mins. When they are able to contact you, your meeting will go off without a hitch. All with a straightforward form for speedy communication.

Zoom Support

If you are a Zoom fan, this is your favorite extension. Easily sync your Zoom account with your profile on 30mins, and your prospects can join the meeting using Zoom Conference. Of course, Zoom is not the only option; Google Meet and regular phone calls are your alternatives.

30mins is more than a simple calendar. If you are an expert providing valuable services, you can add your profile or organization to the advertisement campaigns on 30mins. This is a chance to get promoted on the main page and the dashboard.

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