30Mins Booking Software: Make The Most Of Your Calendar

30Mins Booking Software

30Mins Booking Software is not what you can afford to miss, In a lot of instances we start working in the early hours of the morning and end up working into closing hours, but still don’t feel we have accomplished much. This is mostly a result of frequent interruptions, meetings/appointments, and last-minute tasks. With all these activities going on, you may end up forgetting to schedule a priority meeting or miss one.

Imagine, under such conditions, it will be difficult to remember all your appointments or schedule others for a time that works best for you. We reserve certain days for family, vacation, rest, or to carry out some other form of obligations and it wouldn’t be nice if clients get to us book for those days. This happens a good number of times.

Manging Professional Timeout

A lot of people will be willing to give a lot to relieve themselves from work on such days. Simply put, good booking software plays the role of helping you manage your professional time without cutting into your personal activities.

Meetings are inevitable in the world of business. It is an opportunity for you and your client to make agreements and sign deals that aid in the growth of your business. With so many activities, and meetings lined up, it is important to make scheduling a priority.

This time-saving software helps you in focusing on meetings and other activities instead of worrying about booking the appointment. According to a recent estimation, the scheduling software market is expected to witness a growth of $546.31 million by 2026. Whether, if you are a content creator, digital artist, programmer, consultant, or PR professional, calendar booking software is highly recommended for you. It makes your job a lot easier by facilitating seamless and effective communication.

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30Mins Booking Software

30mins booking software helps you manage your day-to-day appointments, automatically schedules your activities for you with the data you provide, and also simplifies your payment options. This solution is very easy to use and saves you time and money.

30mins gives you an up-to-date overview of bookings and the ability to respond to changes immediately. This helps a lot, especially in situations where you have a pile of work on your desk that needs urgent attention.

The design of 30mins booking software is such that the issue of double booking very arises as it syncs up with Google Calendar. It also affords you the opportunity of accessing your calendar and check your schedule anywhere you find yourself.

Another amazing feature of the 30mins booking software is that it affords you setting time blocks and boundaries to take total control of your schedule. The value this software offers for functionality and service is single to none.

A lot of people choose to use this software because it affords them the flexibility to create a good number of calendars for different aspects of their life.

30mins.com has the features listed below;


As earlier stated, this software carries out scheduling for both clients and in-house staff. The shared calendar shows the client the time you will be available for a meeting or an appointment. The standard calendar, however, keeps you updated with respect to your staff’s routine.

Another interesting feature about this software is that it saves you quite a lot of time. Instead of having to keep going back and forth before you successfully book an appointment this app gives your contact a view of your calendar for them to see days when you are free so as to match on such openings.

Multi-Tasking Ability

A calendar app-only offers you one function. However, 30mins booking software ensures that you make the most of your calendar, by unlocking your productivity. This software has a variety of features that makes it easy for you to multitask.

Easy Accessibility and User Friendly

Wherever you find yourself you can easily access this app. This feature makes it possible for you to make the most of your time, giving you the opportunity to plan ahead for your appointments. All you need to do is select the option of your works for you.

It will be very difficult for you to make use to be productive with an app that is not user-friendly. 30 mins have a user-friendly interface with features such as one-click scheduling.

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Reminders and Alerts

With 30Mins Booking Software, it is a lot easier to inform your clients about upcoming appointments. It also gives you the opportunity to cancel appointments via email or messages.

This software offers you the opportunity to connect your work calendar with that of your personal calendar. You also have the option of keeping that separate. On special days of your life or holidays where you intend to speed time away from work, this app ensures that you aren’t open for an appointment on such days.

Online Transactions

This is another important feature of this software. It has payment gateways integrated into it, making it easy for clients to pay during the booking. You can also choose to donate money to a charity in little or no time.


They are a lot of integrations you can easily add to this software with this booking software. Such integrations make it possible to create automated workflows with just 30 mins software. This will in the long run save you time that would have otherwise be spent moving from one tab to another, in an attempt to get all of your software applications together.

Improve your Appointment Scheduling Today

30mins booking software offers you one of the most effective booking software, sign up with us today. This software for you to manage your appointments 24/7. This appointment can go the long way in increasing your booking and retention rates by being able to offer better treatment to each and every client. It is free to open an account with us. Our services are totally free except you want to upgrade to the Escrow Service, which has an 8% Service Fee Charge.