Why is freelancing the future?

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The American workforce has drifted dramatically over the past two decades. Why? More people have decided to go freelancing with sited like Fiverr, 30mins.com, instead of pursuing full-time employment at a single company.

There are many reasons why freelancing is becoming increasingly popular. Yeah, from increased freedom and flexibility to making more money per hour than you would at your day job.

For individuals looking to better their chances of success in this highly competitive field, here are five reasons why freelancing may be the future of the work industry.

A better work-life balance

More and more people choose to take up freelancing because they want greater flexibility in their working lives. You choosing your clients and working when you want (or not at all) offers a great work-life balance.

If you need to pick up your children from school, you don’t have to worry about asking for time off. Also, if you have an emergency with one of your family members, there’s no need to clear it with a boss first.

And as long as you’re hitting deadlines, clients will usually be happy with your flexibility and understanding—they don’t want excuses.

Job opportunities are more

People come and go from jobs much faster than they did years ago. In fact, according to Statista, 46% of workers quit their job within 18 months after they’ve been hired.

In addition, a Deloitte study revealed that 34% of those employees left because they were unhappy with their work-life balance.

As more people quit their jobs searching for balance and new experiences, opportunities for freelancers will continue to grow. That is because employers seek more flexibility in their workforce.

Higher income potential

You can charge more for your services when you’re an independent contractor rather than an employee. If you have specialized skills, you can usually command a higher hourly rate as a freelancer—and your overall income will probably be higher than if you’re a low-level employee.

Higher hourly rates mean that it’s easier to earn significantly more money from contracting in less time—especially because employers are often happy to pay per service instead of requiring contractors to work full-time hours every week.

In addition, contracting allows for more time off. Many workers feel like they don’t get enough vacation days, but freelancers don’t have to worry about any potential repercussions when they need a break.

Fewer impacts from artificial intelligence

As artificial intelligence improves, jobs that rely on these skills will be less valuable. For example, if you can program a machine to do your job perfectly, why would you want to keep doing it?

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Similarly, machine learning is progressing quickly in healthcare — doctors are already using these tools to determine patients’ diagnoses faster than ever before.

And if computers start making all of our medical decisions for us? We’re going to have a lot more free time! That’s one reason freelancers are so popular right now — they can adjust their hours based on their own needs.

Better chance of freedom

In today’s work industry, there’s a high demand for flexibility. According to a recent survey by Global Workplace Analytics, full-time employees are looking for more control over their time at work.

In some cases, that mean they want to set their hours, while in others, it means they want more than one job and an option to move from one position to another.

Either way, freelancers have much greater freedom than traditional employees when choosing how and when they work.

As a result, countless people work day jobs but supplement their income by working remotely for clients or businesses as freelancers on side projects or during free time after business hours.