How to create a part-time job in the services section?

Users can create Part-time job services from Services Menu. Then user need to click on the 

Add Service button.

Then select the Part time job options.

Then after filling all the required fields, click on the Continue button.

If the user needs to set up for more options then the user can be able to do it with the More Options button click. And then after the user needs to click on Preview and Submit the service.

Once the user will submit the part time service. And open the booking link into the browser then it will look like the below image screenshot.

Here, booker users are able to see the 2 options for ‘Send Messages’ and ‘Live chat’. 

So for using the ‘Send Message’ option, the user can send the message via email and using the ‘Live chat’ button click user will navigate to the Chat screen.