How do I manage meetings?

  1. Reschedule
  2. Cancel
  3. Decline

After meeting is booked by booker then their are entry of booking services in “My Meeting” modules and “My Order” sections for both booker and providers 

For example let take Free Meeting service booking management 

1 – After meeting is booked by booker then to booker and provider both this email will come in there own Email accounts here are are 4 options as seen let take them 1 by 1

1 – Cancel – When booker cancel the meeting then meeting status is changes as cancel and meeting get canceled the process are mentioned below


2 – when booker cancel the meeting then the status is also got updated in “My Meeting” section

3 – Now provider decline the meeting by email the process is mentioned in below screenshots 

After decline status will be updated in my meeting section of provider and booker as well

4 – Reschedule — Provider as well booker can reschedule the up-coming meeting from email and My meeting section any time before the meeting time and date

5 – Reply button — Provider and booker can do reply to each other in email below is the process to follow 


After reply button is clicked fill the details then both provider and booker will receive the email for reply