Connecting calendars

Connecting calendars

We get easily double booked. The only way to avoid this if you give people one link that they use to book a meeting with you at that time and that link tells them your availability automatically. That’s what we exactly do at 30mins. And, not only that – you can connect as many calendars for each email account you have. This way you will never be double booked!

To connect, go to “Connected calendars” page and then just connect your calendar with google or outlook account.

Here you are able to connect multiple accounts for calendars and it will display into the lists. And here the first configured calendar will be indicated with ‘Primary’ label as default.

After allowing then the calendar will be connected. And here you can also see the remove options to remove the calendars from the list.

30mins is a Social platform for you to monetize time, allowing your clients and prospects schedule meetings with you without any back and forth. You have the option to set up  meetings on the platform and clients can connect for free or pay to do so. 

30mins allows you to connect to other calendars quite easily and you can  integrate with tons of third-party tools. It also gives you a unique personal link to share with anyone to instantly book a meeting with you based on your availability. Your calendar can easily allow your clients know the time and days you are already booked. 30mins has a simple interface that comes with a lot of powerful tools which allows you set-up your meetings in just a few clicks. One thing that separates 30mins from most similar platforms is the fact that it allows you to sell other services which is very beneficial to professionals and freelancers as well.