Freelancers Need A Platform For Interacting With Clients

Freelancers are at the forefront of the gig economy. They provide a wide range of services and skill sets to clients, from video editing and graphic design to programming and web design. But freelancers often face different challenges when it comes to finding jobs and interacting with clients. The major problem is a lack of a suitable environment that allows the freelancers to communicate with the clients effectively. There should be an all-in-one platform that can enable the freelancers to get interviewed, receive detailed requirements from the client, collaborate with clients in real time, and can effectively communicate about the progress of the project. 

Let’s have a look at some popular freelancing platforms that connect freelancers with clients. The traditional ones come with flaws and there is a dire need to move toward new freelancing platforms. 


Fiverr is an online marketplace that directly connects clients and freelancers. However, it has communication flaws: it keeps a strict eye on every word and does not allow communication outside the platform even if it’s necessary for the accomplishment of the job.


  • Has its own chat tool that clients and freelancers can use to communicate with each other. 
  • Answers and clients can interact through zoom calls. 


  • Monitors all the discussions between clients and freelancers. 
  • Does not like if the clients and freelancers want to communicate outside of Fiverr. 
  • The client can cancel the order in just one click if there is a communication gap and the freelancer fails to submit it on time.
  • The response rate of the freelancer can decrease considerably if he does not reply within an hour or two. 


Upwork is another big luxury platform that connects freelancers and clients. You can directly call or message the client through it. However, there are also some communication flaws on Upwork. For example, you will not be able to send messages to your clients as a freelancer if your account is facing any kind of dispute and is on hold. 


  • Provides direct video calling and text messaging options to freelancers and clients for better communication. 
  • Freelancers can receive interview invitations from clients looking for a particular skill set. 


  • If you have any dispute with a particular client, you will not be able to communicate with all other clients on the platform. 
  • If the client does not respond, you will have to wait for around 17 to 18 days for your project’s auto-approval. 
  • Sometimes the freelancers receive irrelevant errors that stop them from using the Upwork message center. 

It is another platform that provides the best projects and top clients. Like all other platforms, effective communication also pays off here. However, there are various client-friendly policies and even if they try to scam you, you will not be able to take any practical action. Customer support only forces proper communication from the freelancer side. 


  • It has a messaging tool for better communication. 
  • While sending the proposal you can see what bids are being sent by other field answers and how they want to communicate through their initial proposal. 


  • You cannot do anything if someone is continuously spamming you in your inbox. 
  • No matter how perfectly you can write a proposal for better communication, the platform will rank your proposal based on the number of reviews you have and your overall reputation on the platform. 
  • You cannot schedule calls or messages. 
  • You rarely get invitations. 


30Mins is another platform for freelancers however it is designed “transparent” when it comes to better interaction between freelancers and clients. It allows freelancers and potential clients to plan meetings with one another without any wrangling. Moreover, it is up to both parties to decide the fee structure and make it customized based on the requirements of the project. Here you can also book for interviews advisory, lead generation, interviews, and almost any other freelancing niche. The best part is that it allows direct communication between both parties for a better understanding of projects. You should not hesitate to communicate with your client and ask about his WhatsApp, Skype or any other contact information. No communication gap or payment issue can come when you already have detailed contact information of your client. It is undoubtedly the best option to invest your time and make money. 


  • You get a built-in tool for scheduling automation. Just link your gmail or outlook calendar and your clients can book meetings with you without the back and forth as they see your availability. You can also reschedule, cancel or do whatever with those meetings. If meeting itself is a freelancing service, you can setup paid meetings also. 
  • Direct communication is allowed through the desired channel of communication including WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook. imposes no restriction. 
  • With better communication, you can control your hours, time, and the submission of the project. 
  • The clients have the option to book time from the freelancer calendar without any issues that arise due to a lack of availability and responsiveness. 


  • The platform is relatively new and the number of buyers and sellers is less. 

In nutshell, when all other platforms are saturated and there is very strict competition, 30Mins gives golden opportunities to monetize your time and create as much money as you want. 

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