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30mins vs calendly: all you need to know

Without a doubt we can all say the back and forth and endless emailing to find an appointment that suits everyone is quite exhausting. 30mins and Calendly are two platforms you can use to schedule and manage appointments. However, when it comes to 30mins vs Calendly, due to their similarities, it is difficult to say which is better. But in this article, we will be looking at what this two platforms have to offer and then we allow you make the choice of which you believe is better.

The Use of 30mins and Calendly

30mins and Calendly  are both platforms that enables you manage your schedule, appointments and meetings easily.

30mins is a Social platform for you to monetize time, it allows your clients and prospects schedule meetings with you without the back and forth. You have to option to set up this  meetings either as  free or paid. while Calendly is also a scheduling platform designed to help eliminate back-and-forth when trying to find a meeting time that works for you and others.

Benefits of 30mins

• Allows you set up meeting either as Free or paid for your services

• Allows you connect to other calenders quote easily

• Has integrations with tons of third-party tools

• Unique personal link to share with anyone to instantly book a meeting with you based on your available time

• Simple interface that allows you set-up you meetings in just a few clicks

• provides other cut-edge services for freelancers and professionals

Benefits of calendly

• Integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365, and iCloud calendars

•Allows appointment scheduling with a couple mouse clicks

•Can be embedded on WordPress websites

•  Calendly can easily intergrate with other tools and platforms such as zoom and slack

Features on both platforms

30mins has most important scheduling functionality you need in a calendar. It lets you easily add, edit, or remove appointments to your calendar, as well as integrates with other calendars and tools. You can create Round Robin Meetings, share your links for clients to book an appointment with you immediately. You can also create multiple calendars and shared calendars, which is ideal for managing and collaborating with different teams.

 Calendly is not a standalone calendar app. You basically  cannot use Calendly unless you also use one of the other calendar platforms it integrates with.

The main feature of Calendly is that it allows anyone with your unique Calendly link or who visits your website with an embedded Calendly plugin can book an open appointment slot on your calendar in a couple of clicks.

Pricing between 30mins and Calendly

 It is free to join and use 30mins. There is no credit card required, subscription required or fees to using the platform. However, the platform  charges a flat fees of 8% only if you use their ESCROW services when recieving payment. 30mins also offer some advanced tools which comes at a price depending on which you choose to buy. Calendly is also free for it’s  basic version, and pricing for the paid versions starts at $8/month for each user.

Platforms Customer service

30mins  offers Direct phone support, Live chat and email with lots of tutorials available on how to go about any function on the platform.

Calendly offers an online help center, video tutorials, and email support.

Conclusion: Each platform as much as they are quite  similar both have  their unique features and difference. We have highlighted the most basic features of each platform which can enable you easily pick the one that works best for you.