Benefits of 30mins

Benefits of 30mins

Benefits of 30mins

30mins is an online platform that allows professionals monetize their time. You can hire service sellers on 30mins likewise you can sell your services and earn through it. The platform also  you create a bookable link to schedule meetings with your clients easily. This feature is similar to what you get on Calendly. As a service seller, Influencer, freelancer or Business person, 30mins allows your prospective clients book a meeting with you either for free or paid meetings.

30mins Features

•Connect to several tools and calendars

• Allows you create Round robin meetings

• Create job listening

•You can create unlimited one on one meetings

• Create organization listings

•You can create and sell freelance service or products

•Customize your booking link

•Allows payment using 30mins as an ESCROW

•Availability of several organizational tools

•Restrict who can join a meeting

•Showcase profile page that is enabled for SEO

Benefits of 30mins

•Create personal booking links: 30mins allows you to easily create a booking link you can share with your prospective clients to schedule meetings with you seamlessly .

•Set your rate:  30mins allows you set your own rate for your services. you can choose to reject a job that doesn’t pay you as much as you would want to earn. you can set a much higher hourly rate, even if this exceeds the average wage, it is your decision to make

•Affordable charges: many similar platform charge exorbitant fees to use those platform, however using most services on 30mins is free and you pay only 8% fees when you use the platform’s EXCROW service.

•Flexible hours: 30mins allow you set your own time, you can connect your calendars to you account and your clients can see when you are occupied and when you are free to take on appointments.

•Not location bound: As a Freelance, professional or entrepreneur, you can pay for service, render service, schedule meetings or attend organization meetings anywhere you are. It allows you to be flexible as you can work on the go.

•Earning possibilities: 30mins provides a wide range of earning possibilities most expecially for freelancers, you can offer gigs are a content creator, writer, digital marketer, web designer, programmer and much more.

•Easy to use website. The platform is quite easy to navigate with a friendly user interface, it is quite easy to work with all the features the platform offers.

•Payment method: for freelancers, 30mins allows you receive your earning with several acceptable payment methods such as PayPal, payoneer or even direct deposit to bank account.

•Customer Support: A platform can only offer the best benefit when it has a great customer support feature on it’s platform. This is one of the benefits you enjoy with 30mins. You can contact support 24/7 through Live chat, email or through their phone number.

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