Add Freelancing Services

Adding a Meeting Service is easy and customizable on! Simply go to the Create Freelancing Service page, and follow the guided setup process.

Meeting Specific Details

This will cover all of your baseline Meeting Service information.


Due Date is the amount of time you require to get the service complete from the time of order. The due date time frame starts from the time the service is ordered. The date box to the right shows the date at which this service would be due if ordered from today.

Search Tags allow you to standout on the public search page, for example: If you add a tag for “Design” anytime a user searches for that term, you will be within the results for that search.

On the next step, you will come across payment options. This process is covered more in-depth within the Receiving Payments blog post.


Additional Options

By clicking on the “More Options” button, you will be presented with a deeper level of customization for your Freelancing Service.

The Charity tab allows you to specify if you’d like to donate a portion of your earnings to a charity of your choice.

Have questions for booking users before they order a service from you? You can specify multiple questions, and even mark them as required before ordering takes place. This will allow you to get all the information you need prior to your order starting. These questions will be displayed within your Order Details page (link sent in order confirmation email).

Looking to add a little visual customization to your Service, or have some marketing media to show? You can add a thumbnail image to your Service within the Media tab. The image uploaded here will then be displayed on the Public Search page when your Service is shown.

Review and Submit

Once you’re happy with your Service setup, continue to the final step to review your Service Details. After you review, and you’re happy with your Service, simply click “Submit Service”

You will then have the option to “Preview Service” or “Go To Services” – Preview Service will take you to your Service’s public page, and Go To Services will take you to your Service Management page.